The Acholi People of Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan

Atrocities on Acholi by Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni

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About Acholi People of Northen Uganda and Southern Sudan

The Acholi People are a nilotic ancestry people.  See more details about the acholi people at the northern Ugandan website at You will be able to see pictures, videos, listen to acholi music and read other topics about the acholi


15 Responses to “About Acholi People of Northen Uganda and Southern Sudan”

  1. priscilla said

    Iwas just watching the war dance and I am from south africa now living in USA and just seeing the kids and how much music and the tribal dance meant to them made me cry, cry because they came so far in winning a trophy and I fell in love with them even though I am not with them I did I live at a camp in California and the kids that stood out for me was Nancy and Rose they beautiful so this is a shout out to them you did great and I am proud of you

  2. Brian said

    Does anyone know of someone that lives in the NYC area and can speak, read and write Acholi?

    Email me

  3. Achen hellen said

    You acholi of uganda you have to cooperat with other people to develope your county uganda as one family so thatone day God will bring peace in our country.

  4. winjer said

    It is now 2009 and I would really like to know how are the Acholi children—are they still working toward their goals and reaching them—are they safe in love and peace

  5. To the children of acholi: after watching the WAR DANCE, i jus wanted to tell them: let music be your escape. Let it make you smile. Maybe one day you can play music and jam in a truely deserved happy world.

  6. Akello said

    Who is Kony (LRA), he is non existing.
    This is my believe. It is a put on.
    Why do still to this daay people elieve in this lie?
    Please answer.

    • personally , i dont even know why there is so much effort in 2012 for joseph kony, to us acholi he is as good as dead, and we are more interested in getting back our lives. it is those invisible children opportunists that want to make kony great so that that can use his name to collect more donations.

  7. I`m from acholi tribe that i like to known more about our self

  8. Peter said


    We are a translation company based in Toronto, Canada. We need English to Acholi translators for a very large project. If you, or someone you know, are interested, please contact me at

    Thank you


  9. T Williams said

    Who are you? Who created this website? Why I can’t find one single name directly associated with it? Invisible Children Inc. seem to be more transparent than you in this regard, to say the least.

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