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Atrocities on Acholi by Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni

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Posted by Acholi Web Site on June 22, 2007

0 Image of Woman Pleading with Uganda Police
A womans pleads with the Uganda Security forces in Lira. Begging them to stop shooting in the crowd. The Villages were rioting after a Massacre of over 250 People by the LRA. The Barlonyo Massacre.The woman lost his son to the LRA and later lost a sister to the Government anti Riot Security Forces.
There is considerable anger and anguish amoungst the people. They accussed the Governmentof failure to protect them from the LRA. The after Math of the LRA attack caused farther retribution deaths to certain Acholi tribe members in lira. The LRA which is attributed to be mostly an ACHOLI creation caused the people to avenge on any acholi who seemed to be linked to the LRA. This farther created a divide between the peopleof Acholi and the Lango tribe in Lira. Very Sad and Tragic.
1 Image of LRA Brutality on its victims An Acholi man showing his nose cut of and fingers also chopped off by the LRA rebels of Northern Uganda
2 Image of Victims Lra Fire A young boy burn victim who survived a Fire by the LRA in one of their RAIDS sits in the IDP hospital
3 Images of unknown Victims remains Uganda Army views left over skulls and bones of unknown acholi victime. Where they were killed by the Uganda Army or LRA rebels no one knows.
4 Very Grotesque pictureof a dead body lying on the sideof the road. It is not clear wheteher the man was a VIctimof the UPDF or the LRA. However since his chest was Hollowed out. His Heart and Liver were missing. It is suggested that he is a congolese individual, who suffer the punishmentof cannibalism by the various Rebel Groups in Congo who resorted to Cannibalise victims.
5 Image of Uganda Army (UPDF) Massacre Over 9 innocent acholi Women and their 13 children They were mowed down in a hail of Bullets by the UPDF (Uganda government soldiers). The Soldiers claimed that they Mistook the Women and Children for Rebels. Other Accountsof this Massacre claim that the women where killed by a hailof Bullets from a Uganda Government Gunship Helicopter, who using Night Vision, indiscriminately fired upon the women and their Children.
6 Image of UPDF killed Two sons of An Acholi woman weeps in sorrow. Her husband and two son’s were killed by the UPDF soldiers when they were found returning to the IDP camps from a Market. The UPDF Claimed that her Husband and son’s were LRA colaborators. After a quick 5 min Intorrogatioin the men were gunned down by the perimetrof the IDP camp.
7 Image of UPDF Victim Infants and Children under the age of 3 years old, mowed down in a hailof bullets with their mothers in a suppossedly mistaken Massacre by UPDF soldiers.
8 Image of UPDF USA teachers UPDF officers being taught and trained by the USA Army.
9 Image of UPDF SOldiers, Young Acholi Child Soldiers who are recruited by the UPDF to fight the LRA. Basicly The UPDF also recruited child soldiers to fight the Child soldiersof The LRA. What it ends up being is a bloddy killingof acholi childern againts one another. These children sit atop a Military vehicle on Route to a mission againts the LRA.
10 Image of Lra Victim A Young 13 year Old Acholi boy in severe pain. His Cheeks and ears were cutoff by the LRA rebels. His Father has taken him to the Local Hospital for treatment. The LRA trademarkof cutting ears, earned them the nickname chi leel. Direct Translation is Go and Spread the word. Thi is symbolic of Hear no evil, Speakof no Evil. The lips are cutof to discourage the victims from spreading negative publicity about the LRA. While the Ears are cutoff to symbolize that do not hear any evil about LRA.
11 Image of Lip Cut off Famous Picture of an Acholi youth who has had his ears and lips cutoff as an example to any one else who dares defy the LRA.
12 Image of LRA Crimes Children as young as $ years old are brutaly hacked by LRA rebels. The Hackingof the these Children are from new LRA child Recruits who are required to kill other children as an Initiation Ceremony. They Say Kill or get Killed.
13 Image of LRA Brutality A victimof the Notorious LRA trade markof Cuttingof Lipsof it’s victims.
14 Photograph of LRA – UPDF Victims
Very Sad listof Dead or missing Acholi children under the ageof 5 years old. Someof the Children died from diseases as a resultof harsh conditions imposed on the camps by the UPDF in the camps. Others were abdcucted or killed by the LRA in their raids..
Look closely and read each note below the pictures.
15 Photo of LRA Victim As a young man squirms in Pain, he has his foot cut or shot off by the LRA during a Raid. He is being Rushed to seek medical Attention.After the Rebels dissapeared in Haste.
16 Photographs of LRA Ambush victim
An ambush of a young boy named Paul, a prospective acholi small time trader. He was shot and Killed in Kitgum by the LRA in an ambush, while he was taking his small merchandise on the backof his bycycle to sell at a local nearby Market. His Greif filled mother attempts to close his eyes shut. Very Sad.
17 Photographs of Acholi interna persons genocde camp IDP No Medicine As a resultof No Medicine in the IDP camps, This Youths, small cut above the arm, has developed Gangrains and infested. It may have to be cutoff. The youth was finally trasferred to a Hospital named Lacor.
18 Photographs of Gen kony and Gen Museveni, Gen Joseph Kony Leader of the LRA(Lord’s Resistance Army) who together with the Uganda Government forces(UPDF of Gen Yoweri Museveni, have been accused of causing great pain and suffering to the People of Acholi. Both Parties are accused of great atrocities and Genocide to the Acholi People of Northern Uganda. Joseph Kony is currently under Indicted by the ICC(international Criminal court). Kony and his LRA rebels are notorious for brutality to there own People the acholi. Their trademarlks include cuttingof lips, ears, cheeks and hacking to death. While Museveni is touted to be the architect of forcefully encapping the acholi people in genocide concentarion camps known as IDP, wher the acholi are dying at arate of 1000 per week.
19 Photographs of Gen Museveni UPDF
Gen Yoweri Museveni, Presidentof Uganda, who also leads the UPDF(Uganda Government Troops) Is accussedof signing a presidential Decree Ordering that the acholi People be forced to into Camps known as IDP camps(internal Displaced People’s Camps). Over 1,100,000 acholi’s were rounded from the country sides and forced into these overly populated camps.
The Acholi in these camps were left inadequately protected from the rebels. The Camp dwellers were left with no food, water, medicine and basic essential services like churches, Schools etc. The acholi People have died in thousands in these camps from secondary causes like diseases,(AIDS, Cholera, Malaria) They also died from primary causes such as Rebel Raids, UPDF militaryofficer muders and Tortures, Rampant Fires etc.
Social Causes have disseminated the acholi wayof life. Torn Family and cultural structures and left a populace seriously disfigured, mentaly, Spiritually, socially and economicly.
20 Photograph of Exorsist Ceremony Local Acholi Elder kills a Goat, so as to perform an evil spirit exorcist or self cleansing procedure on a Young Acholi girl who was an LRA rebel fighter since she was 11 years old. R=The girl experiences boatsof violence and attempted to kill her mother with weapons.
21 Photograph of Evaline LRA Victim Evaline on oprah show was one of the young girls who had her face cut off by the LRA, Appears on the OPRAH show and is sent for sugery in the USA to reconfigure her face.
22 Photograph of Unknown Dead Skulls and Bones of unknown number of Acholi Dead linger in the Bushes. It is hard to tell if they were killed by the LRA or the UPDF. It is said that the LRA normally Hacks their victims hence skulls will indicated chop marks, while the UPDF shoots one bullet through the backof the Head
23 Photograph of Victim of LRA Tortured young souls have their lives ruined for Ever by the LRA
24 Photo of Victim Lra FireWith their shacked homes burnt, they have to rebuild with nothing
25 Photograph of UPDF uganda trrops Soldiers A sardine like pack of UPDF Militia soldiers riding Dangerously on topof a Transport truck. Most these UPDF soldiers are Unemployed Acholi youth who have no choice but to join the Army. They are poorly paid, Poorly equiped and take the bruntof being placed in the front lines with the LRA. Notice how young they are. Very Sad
26 Photographs of Sam Kolo One of the Former Top LRA Commanders, Captured by the UPDF-uganda army, now living in Gulu
27 Photograph of Odhiambo LRA leader Kony On The left of Joseph Kony is Oneof the LRA.s Top Commanders, Okot Odhiambo. Odhiambo is also indicted by the ICC for crimes againts Humanity
28 Photograph of LRA Commanders Line Up of LRA Mid Ranking Field Commanders with Ranks of Captains and Luitenants. Names are Unknown. but certainly they have reputation for killing.
29 Photograph of Lip Cut By LRA A young victim Has his lips cutoff by the LRA rebel. Notice the fear and fright in his eyes. Very Sad
30 Photograph of Children Brutalized Picture of Young Child brutalized by the LRA. The boy on the left has had his head cut open by another LRA child soldier in an Innitiation. The boy on the left has had his eyes pierced out.
31 Photograph of LRA BrutalityThe Brutalityof the LRA. Victims had their Lips cutoff if the spoke or bad mouthed the LRA. This was to set an example.
32 Photo of End Kony TerrorA protest againts Uganda’s LRA Rebel Leader Joseph Kony and His Brutality to the peopleof Acholi.
33 Photo of Jan Egeland KonyUnited Nations Peace Envoy. Egeland Axplains to the LRA Leader and deputy Leader the deatilsof the ICC arrest Warrant.
34 Photo of Vincent OttiVincent Otti is the Second in Commandof the Notorious Ugandan Rebel group, LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). Vincent Otti is also oneof the listed 4 top LRA commanders currently Indited by the ICC for commiting atrocities againts his People the Acholi,of Northern Uganda.
35 Photo of Onen KamduluFormer LRA Top Commander, The Notorious Onen Kamdulu. Kamdulu now turend Uganda Government Informer was arrested by UPDF forces. Kamdulu is a main witness for the treason court case againts FDC oppostion Leader Kizza Besigye, where he testifies that Besigye Colaborated with the LRA and Other rebel groups to destablize Uganda.
36 Photo of MacharKonyFrom left, is Joseph Kony, LRA leader, Center is Riek Macahar, GOSS vice president and Right is LRA deputy Leader, Vincent Itti. During the very first appearanceof the lRA to the PRess in the junglesof Garamba
37 Photo of Lra GuardA Young LRA rebel soldier on Guard in the Jungles og Garamba
38 Photo of LRA HunterA modified Land Rover used by the Uganda Army to Bush Hunt the LRA Soldiers.
39 Photo of Bigombe KoloBetty Bigombe, Former Uganda Government Minister for northern Affairs, During the first LRA – Uganda Government Peace Talks in 1994. On the Far Right is Former Top LRA commander Sam Kolo, who was captured by the Uganda Government Troops. Sam Kolo Lives in Gulu under a uganda Government Stippen.
40 Photo of Joseph Kony –
ICC Indicted LRA Leader, Joseph Kony taking a swim…probably Somewhere in the Junglesof Congo
41 Photo of Disarming LRA
42 Photo of Otti MacharLRA Second in Command, Vincent Otti handing some documents to Southern Sudan Vice Pesident (GOSS) Riek Machar in the Garamba junglesof Congo. Riek Machar is also the Lead Facilitator and sponserof the Juba Peace Talks bewtween the Uganda Government and the LRA
43 Photo of Ongwen KonyBishop Nelson Onono Ongwen, Oneof the representativesof the Acholi religious Peace Initiatives, shakes hands with LRA leader Joseph Kony. Very Wierd. A Hand shake with the Devil so to speak in the nameof peace.
44 Photo of UPDF Child SoldierFormer LRA child soldier, integrated into the UPDF (uganda Peoples defence force)
45 Photo of Lra PatrolOneof the Many dotted LRA fighters, Patrolling randomly in the Gramba Set up to meet Journalist.
46 Photo of Martin OjulLRA Spokesperson Martin Ojul who also is the lead juba Peace Talks negotiator for the LRA. Martin Ojul is Said to be a Lawyer by Profession. No Formal declaration wheter Martin Ojul and His teamof Peace Talks negotiators are also the LRA Political wing.
47 Photo of LRA LookoutAn LRA child Soldier on the look out during the Garamba Meeting with Joseph Kony.
48 Photo of Lra GuardLRA Guards in the junglesof Garamba. Very serious looking soldiers, who seem very jittery. The feeling that if you make a wrong move, your life could end that Instance.
49 Photo of LraGuard
50 Photo of Lra Childsoldier [Return to Top of the Page]
51 Photo of LraChildSoldiers
52 Photo of Lra Child SoldierThis Picture although submitted as LRA child soldier, Does appear to be A Congolese Child Soldier belonging to the INdicted Congolese War lord Lubowa Charles.
53 Photo of Child SoldierLRa child soldier on Guard, suspiciously shakes the hands of and Elder visiting RI-Kwangba
54 Photo of kony’s SonAn LRA rebel carrying oneof the sonsof the Rebel Leader Joseph Kony.
55 Photo of Lra Top DogPictureof Notorious Rebel leaderof the LRA, Joseph Kony (in white Suit) surrounded by his Body Guards.
56 Photo of Former LRAFormer LRA soldiers who have been re-integrated into the Uganda Government Army and posted aas militia guards to the IDP(internally displaced Camps) Camps
57 Photo of Former LRA FightersFormer LRA chilsd soldiers in NGO sponsored placement. These Children are seriosuly Traumatized. Their centers set up to try and Rehabilitate them
58 Photo of Dominic OngwenDominic Ogwen Oneof the top LRA Leaders indicted by the ICC for Crimes againts humanity
59 Photo of Former LRA WifeAjok a former wife to oneof the LRA commanders returns to Gulu. Most Former LRA wives are not treated nicely by the restof the Acholi. They are shunned by the wider public. Thes eformer wifes were abducted and became sexaully exploited even at the early ageof 14. Mostof them are traumatized
60 Photo of Joseph Kony –
LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony
61 Photo of GuluWalkRandom Pictures in general
62 Photo of EndAWarRandom Pictures in general
63 Photo of IDP Camp –
IDP (Internally Displaced Peoples Camp) Picturesof huts in IDP camps
64 Photo of Bishop Ochola –
retired Bishop ochola. Bishop for Northern Uganda. Now an international Activist to end the War In Northern Uganda
65 Photo of AcholidanceRandom Pictures in general
66 Photo of AcholiVillageRandom Pictures in general
67 Photo of Acholi Model –
Aspiring Acholi Model, Achan Living in the USA
68 Photo of IdpChildrenRandom Pics In General
69 Photo of Guluwalk VancouverRandom Pics In General
70 Photo of GuluWalkRandom Pics In General
71 Photo of Geoffrey Oryema Random Pics In General
72 Image of Gen James Kazini –
Gen James Kazini, Uganda Armyofficer and former right hand manof Uganda President Yoweri Museveni. Kazini was instrumental in the Placementof the Acholi in IDP camps. Kazizni is also accusedof looting resources in the Congo as well as commiting grave human rights in the Congo
73 Image of Former LRA Wifes –
Picturesof former Wifes to LRA rebels.
74 Image of Mustafa AdrisiRandom Pics In General
75 Image of End A War –
PIctureof a protester to End the Northern Uganda War. Protest organised by Acholi Foundation in Toronto 2005
76 Image of Bwala Dancers –
Pictureof Acholiof northern Uganda Traditional Dancers. The Dance is known as Bwala.
77 Image of FDC President –
Kizza Besigye, Presidentof FDC political Party In Uganda, Former Freindof Museveni now major advesary
78 Image of Lra Attack –
Aftermathof an LRA attack on the acholi in the IDP camps
79 Image of African Presidents –
Pictureof African Presidents. From left Presidentsof Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Congo Zaire
80 Image of Pray for Peace –
Acholi Residents in the IDP camps desperately pray that the JUba Peace Talks may succeeed, so that Peace returns to acholi and they can all return home
81 Image of Acholi DanceRandom Pics In General
82 Image of An Acholi Village –
Acholi Village before Museveni Governmentof Uganda Forced the Acholi in to IDP Camps
83 Image of Acholi Village –
A typical Acholi Village before the forcefull repartriationof the Acholi Into IDP Camps
84 Image of Acholi Children –
A groupof Acholi Children in a Class romm in the IDP Camps
85 Image of Acholi Cattle –
Picturesof Acholi Cattle in the out skirtsof Gulu
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